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How to Volunteer at My Hands to Your Hands Food Pantry

2. Show up/complete shift

4. Feel Great about doing Good!/Recruit more volunteers 

5. Give Thanks! 

NOTE: The recommended shifts are three hours blocks--the pantry will use as much assistance as we can get--you can stay and serve as long as you like, or go as you wish. We are grateful for you! Click link above in step one for more information.

Thank You.


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"Food 4 Soul > $oul 4 Food"


Exhibit Tickets

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For More Information Contact:
OBu |

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Say Hello to our Neighbors!

Say Hello to our Neighbors of Soul Food Connect Village!

Please contact us with any Questions, Comments or Concerns.

Your message has been sent. Thank you for your interest in SOUL FOOD CONNECT, we will be in touch shortly!

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