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Welcome to MANSACODE
A.K.A—MANSA Community Of Dynamic Evolutionaries

MANSACODE Accelerator Project (M.A.P) is an evolutionary twelve-week personal leadership and entrepreneurial growth accelerator—built for the mission of creating access to dynamic leadership training, and (economically relevant) tech-skills development—for enterprising youth/young adults from undervalued communities.


MANSACODE  Accelerator Project (MAP)

We assemble a cohort of twelve Youth Entrepreneurs, strategic partners, and a community of Angels, then through the MAP we actively learn and engage:


+ The nine components of a DBM (Dynamic Business Model)


+ Content/Social Media Marketing, Computer programming, (and/or other economically relevant tech-skills)

+ Critical Thinking—spiritual/mental health, character building and customer relationships 


+ Dynamic Leadership Development—each Youth Entrepreneur is connected with an Angel-Mentor, and is challenged to apply their growing knowledge, and skills towards the strategic development of their business/ideas in that time. 


+ At the culmination of the MANSACODE Accelerator Project, each Youth Entrepreneur is rewarded:
≥$5,000 in Seed Funding,
≥$5,000 Scholarship,
≥$5,000 Future Growth Investment Vehicle,
= Most importantly, a community that's invested in their personal and entrepreneurial evolution.

GENIUS POP-UP Pilot (Spring 2021)

The above photos are from Spring 2021(March-May). In collaboration with TeachX, we successfully culminated a six week pilot program (Genius Pop-Ups) featuring thirty Atlanta area youth, where they engaged with and learned creative-technology. The classes were facilitated at the Pittsburgh Yards Community work space. Mar'Konash (Creator of MANSACODE) served as the program director/facilitator. This was a great experience for the youth, parents and instructors who participated—and for the development of the MANSACODE Accelerator Project.



 -Mar'Konash(Creator of MANSACODE)

What Inspired MANSACODE?

In April 2020, I was scrolling through the Nextdoor app, and a trending post/picture of a group of young Black males, with the title “Children on University Exit” caught my attention, so I began to read the caption and subsequent comments on the post. The back and forth that ensued in the comment section managed to leave me both appalled and inspired.


I was appalled by the sheer lack of empathy and understanding that many of my neighbors expressed towards our youth in that comment section. Many of the measures they called for to deal with this “problem” at our intersections—such as passing laws that would criminalize certain children for doing the best that they know how with what they have, or making sure they have their guns on them at these intersections—disturbed me to my core. 


This felt especially personal to me, for I am the youth at the intersection. Like them, I started my entrepreneurial journey by selling candy and soft drinks out of my backpack after school. During middle school, I wasn’t too familiar with the term entrepreneur, but I understood what a hustle was, and I was all too aware that there were two types of hustles—legal and illegal. I remember conscientiously making the decision not to get involved with anything illegal. To know that there's young people at these intersections who are making that same decision, and trying to avoid paths of negativity, and yet still being seen and treated like criminals by some in the community is troubling to me. 


Fortunately, there were neighbors in the comment section and in the Community—like Monique Nunnely (founder/director of TeachX), and Great Chapel Baptist Church—who expressed empathy, understanding and support. The responsive insights, questions and unconditional support they expressed for our youth and community inspired me to connect, learn more and do something. MANSACODE is that something.


MANSACODE MISSION: Create Socioeconomic Space, Access and Evolution for enterprising youth of undervalued communities.

MANSACODE VISION: A universal city where everyone has the space, access and inspiration to think, do and become their most evolutionary selves. 





For more information and/or to work with MANSACODE—Call or Email with the info provided below:

404.723.4486 |

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